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My pussytakes on all different shapes and sizes, changes color and changes appearance. . In normal mode my outer lips conceal most of my inner softness but remain slightly parted so clitty is just poking out and if you lay under me and look upwards you will see my inner lips visible from underneath, kind of like a little tongue poking out..  If I use my hands and open my lips to expose myself fully you will find a tidy fold and slit where my small lips stick together, and at the top of that fold a pale pink soft nub of fleshy meat, a button smallish in size which is my clitoris.  My clitoris is very soft when natural . Open my legs wide so outer lips are also spread, semi squat, shake my lower abdomen and my inner lips flap from side to side, looks funny, Flappers!…

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It’s Called A Vulva

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Melissa Fuller

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Anyone who knows me has probably heard me rant about the importance of teaching children the proper words when it comes to reproductive anatomy. I find it extremely frustrating when young girls aren’t even given a word for such an important part of their own body, and instead face embarrassment and frustration anytime they need to refer to it.


I was one of these little girls. I very vividly remember not having a word to express that part of my body and it being shrouded in discomfort. Not out of malicious intent of course, my parents are two awesome people who would never want me to feel bad about myself, but I was never taught the proper terms for my vagina or vulva. This led to me making up my own name, one I recently heard a young girl use and I can’t begin to express how I felt when I heard it come…

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